About JFI

The Jaredita Foundation Inc (JFI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization named in honor of Jaredita–beloved daughter of Steffie and Subandriyo. She passed away in 2007 after one year of schooling at BYU-Hawaii and just weeks before she planned to enter BYU-Provo. Jaredita had a love of learning and a love for the children of Indonesia. The purpose of JFI is to help young Latter-day Saint children and young adults get an education. With the help of in-country facilitators (all are returned missionaries), children who are not able to attend school because their families cannot afford tuition, books and uniforms (about $11-15 per month) will be offered financial assistance to pay for primary and secondary schooling. Payments are made directly to the schools. In most instances the fund will pay for half of the school cost with the family paying the other half.

Since educational loans are not available in Indonesia, JFI will also offer tuition assistance for qualified Latter-day Saint young adults to obtain post secondary school training. Some of the first JFI loans will go to qualified young adults who will be enrolled in an English Teacher Certification program in Solo. Once they graduate they will be able to take over the English teaching role of senior missionary couples. JFI loan recipients are expected to pay back into the fund once they have graduated and obtained work.

Donors will be sent a yearly report of how the funds were used. We encourage donors to consider arranging to make monthly direct deposits from their bank into the JFI bank account. This will guarantee a more constant supply of funds. Our current goal is to reach $25,000 in donations for 2008 and each year after that. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause. Supporting the educational endeavors of Latter-day Saints in Indonesia will have a lasting positive impact and will bless the lives of many for generations to come.   

Board of Directors: Indonesian Facilitators:
  • Chad Emmett
  • Erwin Dumalang
  • Meldon Larson
  • Charles Lambson
  • Joshua Subandriyo
  • Titik Sugiyanto – Indonesian JEAP Administrator
  • Didit Sulistya – Solo
  • Yani Siswo – Solo
  • Slamet Widodo – Solo Banjarsari
  • Wijoyo/Awik – Solo Jebres
  • Dwi Aryanto – Yogyakarta
  • Mardiyono – Semarang
  • Jeannet Oliveiro – Bogor
  • Handson Limbong – Jakarta/Bekasi/Tangerang
  • Sutarso Hadisutanto – Surabaya
  • Mistri Santoso – Malang