The Four Agreements Tieng Viet

Posted by admin @ 7:27 am on October 11, 2021

This summer, I read the whole book. It`s a thin book, but very deep. I feel like it`s one of those books where I go to see new things every time I read it again. In this article, I will essentially present the content of the four agreements that accompany my experience of each agreement. I have heard that so many people are reacting. It is best to read it again in English! Hello, I read this book recently. It is true that translation is not at all easy to understand for young people, I also thought long and hard to recognize the importance of translation in the book. To understand more easily the content of the book, we can replace the sentences of the book as follows: “The dream of the planet: = Dogma of society, culture, religion, family. “New dream” = Living a new life (according to new beliefs – instead of living true to our nature) “parasites” = old beliefs – deviations that we are stuffed with from an early age.

The “mirror of smoke” is that we live surrounded by false dogmas. So we don`t have the opportunity to reveal our natural and real instincts. So no one saw anyone. I remember how much I remember for now. Information on data protection can be found in Always doing my best is my job. I always tell myself, to my friends and students, that we should never move towards perfection, but focus on the best right now. For example, when I started creating The Present Writer blog, I knew almost nothing about programming or design. The day I launched the site (or even to date), the blog is not yet complete, there are many things I want to fix and change. However, if I`m still waiting for the perfect blogging moment, I`ll probably never be able to produce an article. As this blog is my growth journey, I may grow in the future and feel like what I`m writing right now isn`t good. But that`s okay! It`s the best thing I can do right now with my way of thinking, my circumstances and my experience right now.

Thank you very much. Your contributions are really good! By the far, you didn`t know you`d read “The Road Less Traveled” by psychologist Scott Peck. I think it`s a very good book. If you can read English, you should read English! Because as soon as you read English, you also see some very “virtual” passages that don`t know how to translate into Vietnamese (I can`t translate myself) Hello Chi. After reading this article, I see the right book that I need to read now. .