Telus Easy Payment Agreement

Posted by admin @ 9:25 am on October 10, 2021

Monthly payment: TELUS Easy Payment® Lot (24 mos): TELUS Easy Payment® Libra, divided into lost payments over 24 months. This monthly fee is not a tax as the taxes have already been paid in advance on the device fee. “We really wanted to create transparency on the devices, not only about their functionality, but also about what they cost,” Senko said. “This now separates device payment from network payment and gives our customers a large choice of which device I need and how much I want to pay. On this path, we provide zero percent funding to help them do so. There are two components to this payment plan, says TELUS. Amount paid: sum of the total monthly payments made so far by the customer. Customers can access the newest and best device in their budget with 4 device payment options and 2 easy payment terms: based on the option above, all device discounts, and if you are part of the Bring-It-Back program, the TELUS Easy Payment balance® credit for your device is spread over 24 equal monthly payments. Once you have paid the telus Easy Payment® credit, the equipment costs are automatically deducted from your bill and the only remaining monthly commissions apply to your plan with TELUS. Your telus Easy Payment®Guthaben is the balance remaining to pay the cost of your device beyond 24 identical monthly payments. Your TELUS Easy payment® credit depends on the advance option you choose, any equipment discounts and your choice for the Bring-It-Back program. To learn more about the TELUS Bring-it-Back program, visit

People wanted transparency with equipment prices – now the phone is financed separately with 0% APR over 24 months. So the advantage is that at the end of the lifespan, the phone`s payment automatically falls off the bill without the need to call to have your plan changed to BYOD. All plans are now monthly plans. Start-up Credit: This is the TelUS Easy Payment starting credit® paid by the 24 monthly payments. You can make informed decisions about how much you want to pay in advance compared to each month and which device fits into your budget. Their equipment costs are spread evenly over 24 months. To learn more about TELUS Easy Payment® visit Current balance: TELUS remaining to be paid® balance after deduction of monthly payments paid to date. Start Date: This is where monthly payments start.

“This is a program we`ve been working on for some time,” Jim Senko, president of mobility at Telus, said in an interview with MobileSyrup. In a document shared by Telus with MobileSyrup, the company describes how Easy Payment works with the example of an iPhone XR. It describes how customers can choose from several easy payment options that fall back on the amount they want to pay in advance versus the amount they want to pay per month. Other minor differences are the way the plans deal with tethering. Peace of Mind plans allow you to connect other devices to your smartphone until you reach your limit at high speed, while Simple Share plans still allow you to attach yourself whether you cross or not. For Telus, this means simpler planning and pricing, and customers will benefit. The second part of this Telus initiative is the new pricing. Senko said these plans were not commendable. Telus` new family discount program offers savings to those with multiple lines.

In the previous example of two customers receiving the $75.10 GB plan for both lines, Telus offers $5 off each line. In other words, both users would instead pay $70 per month. According to TELUS, easy payment “provides customers with clear, simple, affordable and fair ways to purchase a device.” Your equipment discount credit is the remaining balance on the early discount you will receive on your device at the time of purchase. . . .