Prtg License Agreement

Posted by admin @ 10:15 am on April 11, 2021

What is the difference between prTG Network Monitor licenses? Shows the license owner you`re using for this PRTG installation, z.B. ExampleOrganization. The license name, license key and system identifier create your license information. If you select Manual (Offline Activation), you must request your activation data from using your license information. Open the activation page from a computer that can connect with and indicate your license information. If you have problems with license activation or updates, click Support at the bottom to contact us directly via the Paessler Service Center in our shop (Internet access required). Shows how many sensors you can use in your monitoring with your PRTG edition. When you reach the limit, PRTG automatically defines each new sensor you add to a stopped state. To update your license now, click more sensors needed? Click here to upgrade! to visit our online store. Use the following buttons to change your license or update your maintenance information. For Trial and Freeware editions, you will receive the required licensing information on Paessler`s website when you download the test or freeware version of PRTG. For a commercial edition, use your business information on licenses. No, it doesn`t exist.

Compared to our indeterminate licenses, PrTG Enterprise Monitor always gives you access to the latest updates that contain new features, numerous bug improvements and fixes. You received Paessler`s license name and license key via email or in a license document in paessler Software Shop`s Shop and Customer Service Center. Copy this information and paste it if PRTG asks you to enter your license information into the configuration dialog box. To view information about your license and enter your license key, select Setup | License the main menu bar. If you run out of sensors, we offer a simple upgrade path for PRTG that allows you to upgrade an existing PRTG license to a higher license by paying only the price difference. Update your PRTG license now By selecting the type of automatic activation, you can update your license now. Select if you need an HTTP proxy for the HTTPS connection to the activation server and click Update license. Click the State tab on Change the license or update information to update your license. Enter the necessary information and click Update license to complete the activation of your license.

Editions that allow an unlimited number of sensors do not limit the number of sensors possible by the license, allowing you to create sensors until the power limit is reached. This means you can use about 10,000 sensors per CENTRAL PRTG server (depending on the power of your system, sensors and scanning intervals). This step is only necessary if you activate your offline license. Still not sure which license? Contact us, we`ll be happy to help. Shows the expiry date and the remaining days for your active maintenance contract. You can buy maintenance for any PRTG license. With an active maintenance contract, you can download all available updates and use our premium email support. Normally, after installation, you don`t need to manually enter a key to activate it, as PRTG requests it during the installation process. However, there are still scenarios in which you need to change your key and activate the corresponding license.

You must specify your commercial license key, z.B. if you have purchased a commercial edition and want to update your current freeware or trial, or if you want to update a commercial license to a higher version.