Contribution License Agreements

Posted by admin @ 7:22 pm on April 8, 2021

You have therefore decided that the use of a contribution licence agreement is the way forward for your business or project. You probably have questions about what it should contain. First, it should include a clear definition of the contribution. Again, the use of the previous reference Carrie Fisher, the rewrite into a script to give more humor or materialize a particular character, is far from rewriting a script from scratch or even conducting a massive revision of the original material. In addition, it is necessary to specify to whom the corresponding patents (current and future) and copyright belong. Fortunately, if you are worried about missing important points, you can find here a template for a comprehensive contribution contract. Many upstream projects require all contributors to agree on the rules for registering their code. We encourage Ubuntu members to support those who work with upstream contributors to patches to these projects or direct contributions. For most projects at Canonical, the preferred approach is a broad license rather than a ownership award, and the agreements are documented below. Other projects have their own opinions, but we generally recommend supporting their preferred approach to contribution and licensing, no matter what it is. However, it is more common for a CLA to have a copyright license that allows the author of the contribution to retain ownership of the copyright, which may be more desirable from the contributor`s point of view.

The copyright license in the CLA cannot be more restrictive than the open source license used to distribute the project code. For example, if the open source project distributes its code under an “authorized” copyright license, for example. B the MIT or BSD license, its CLA cannot request software contributions under a more restrictive license, like. B a “copyleft” GPL license. This would impose additional restrictions that would exclude distribution under the permissive licence of the project and undermine the original intent of the permissive licence. The case of the late Carrie Fisher is an example. Although she was often considered an actress, she was also a prolific writer known for being one of the best screenplay doctors in Hollywood. If she changed a script written by someone else, she would have a contributor or CTC licensing agreement, so that her contributions could be used in the final film distributed while obtaining an agreed credit; this credit could take the form of payment credits and/or screenwriters. There are indeed two versions of Google CLA, and the version to sign depends on who owns the message. If the individual has the contribution himself, he can sign the individual CTC.

If the contribution is held by their employer, they need a Corporate CLA. It is up to the contributor to determine whether or not their employer`s work is the property of their employer. The CTC may also include other provisions that may be beneficial in the long term for the open source project, such as addressing. B of those responsible for implementing the open source license in the event of copyright infringement, as well as any other alternative solution or legislation in force.