Sonia Story

Posted by chuck @ 9:54 pm on November 20, 2008

We received the following letter from Elder Subandriyo. It is written by a young woman who is able to attend Sebelas Maret Universitas English Program with the assistance of JEAP:

Dear JEAP donors;May this is some story about me. I didn’t sure my story is perfect, but help me to find out what is less
 When I in the last year of high school, I never thought and didn’t too brave to imagine if I can go to the higher education in university. My father said to me “next year more better if you help me in my job or you looking for a job, because you know how the economic condition in our family, I can make you go to university, we have no enough money”.

In the first time I’m very disappointed, but I must receive it.

Then one day,  President Subandriyo came to the English class when I teach it. Next day, President Agus Sutadi told me and my father if President Subandriyo called him and said “JEAP will help you to go to university to take D3 program in English subject. JEAP will help you to pay the school payment in the first and the second year, so your father can look for and save the money to pay in the last year you in university.”

“Wow……… is that real?” I say to my self. How great bless come to me that time. I can go to the university. I don’t know what must I say but, I’m so glad and happy.

Thank you for JEAP to help me. My family is very happy too. They support me to always do the best.

I know I must work hard.

When Elder Subandriyo said it to me, He also want me to teach the English class in Solo Barat and Solo Tengah branch after seminary to replace Elder and sister Roberts because they have to go home.

Now I studied at Sebelas Maret University ( UNS ). my family and I were thanksful for all this help.

I can go to university and can partice my English in teaching the English class.

thank you so much. thats all…